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— Updated on Mar 24, 2018

0. General tips to travel the country

Canadians are known to be friendly people with Canada being a very safe place to visit. The only tips one can give to you would be to relax and enjoy the country, do things you wouldn’t usually do at home, Always be ready for the weather as it can be quite cold in the winter. Do not be afraid to ask for help from the locals, or recommendations of the best local restaurants.



I. Transportation ( Uber, Taxi etc.)
Traveling in Canada is easy, There are bus routes through most major cities, Toronto and BC have trains and subways whereas places like Winnipeg and Edmonton have more buses. There are also Taxis and ride sharing apps such as Tappcar, between cities and provinces there are bus lines such as the Greyhound, or Beaver Bus lines.


II. Accommodation

There are unlimited choices for accommodation in Canada, from Motels, Yurts, Cabins, Hotels. It is easy to find something that fits your budget and experience you are looking for when traveling Canada.  There is possibility in larger cities for the use of Airbnb but it has yet to gain mass popularity in the country yet.


III. Food

The food in Canada is as diverse as the people who live there. There are the food chains of course, to the Small indie restaurants made by locals with their delicious star dishes to the Famous restaurants on the streets of Toronto or the diners and drive inns that no one would think to give a chance, You can find some amazing food in the streets of Canadian cities.  Buca Yorkville in Toronto, Ontario is one of many amazing restaurants you have got to see while traveling Canada, Known for their Seafood you will not find anything better i swear to you and Under no condition forgo the raw branzino, sliced tableside and dressed with Prosecco and lemon you will regret everything.


IV. Safety

As with any place you chose to travel, invest in travel health insurance, A relatively safe country to travel like any place you should avoid rougher areas of the city or proceed with caution and awareness, Not many bad things happen but like any place unfamiliar you should always be vigilante with your own safety.


V. Climate

The Climate in Canada varies depending on the province you visit and the time of year you visit, In BC they had warmer weather but rainier days, Whereas the middle of the continent can become bitter cold in the winter or dry, humid summer days. It widely depends on where your planning to go but always be prepared for the weather to be different from what they say on the network.  The weather network is only 50 % right, bring an umbrella, dress light but bring a jacket, don’t dress to warm or you might roast out of your clothes.

You should check the climate of the places that you visit before you travel.  >>> CHECK WEATHER <<<


VI. Power Plug & Voltage

The electrical supply in Canada is the same found in the United States.

It is 120 Volts and 60 Hertz.

Power Plug: 1) Type A
2) Type B
Voltage: 120V, 60HZ
Get universal socket
Get step-down converter


VII. Language

While the main languages in Canada is English and French, you will find there are unlimited amount of people speaking other languages as the culture in Canada is diverse.

VIII. Currency

The National currency: Canadian dollar (CAD)

Quick currency conversion:
USD 1 = CAD 0.8


IX. Visa Requirement Check

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