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Why Traveler’s Compass?

Traveler’s Compass collects prices from approximately 50 largest travel agencies. You can compare the best deals from various agencies in one place.

No Hidden Cost

The prices shown include all taxes and fees. You only pay the exact amount you see from your search.


By comparing different deals of various travel agencies, you can get the best of the best. Also, subscribers receive travel tips and savings deals via email for free.

Best Air Travel Deals

You can find the best flight deals when you book earlier.

You may come across some good deals at the very last minute but there is no guarantee you can get it.

Be sure to use filter functions to narrow down your search. You will find the best suited deal for your next trip!

Top Hotel Deals

Stay up to date and check out the best hotel deals for these trending destinations.

Search from popular to luxurious hotels at your finger tip.

Simply filter your search result and you will have the best matching hotels.

Rental Cars

Making reservation for a rental car at Traveler’s Compass is a great option for finding the best deal. Search here to find the best Rental Car Deals.

If you are driving overseas, you would need international driving license. Apply for it today before too late!!! (Express service available. See detail here.)

Bike Rental

Did you know that Bike Rental is one of the trends now a days? It is healthy, environmentally friendly, and independent way to travel. Book your bike today.

Activities / Tours

Are you looking for things to do in your destination? Find out things to do / tours in your destinations, and book here.

Travel Tips

Visit our travel tips page to find various useful information.

Travel Directory is a must-bookmark page. You will find some emergency info, as well.

Check out games page, as well. We hope it will alleviate your bordom during layover.


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