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— Updated on May 23, 2018

0. General tips to travel the country

Thailand is a diverse place. The southern half of the country is different from the northern half, each having their own culture, food and customs. Though its people are known to be the friendliest for backpackers, there are rules and etiquette that you must follow. They emphasize heavily on politeness and see people in three social groups; close relations, which include family members, friends and colleagues; close acquaintances, which include neighbors, customers, and business partners, and; unknown strangers.  For all three groups, it is best to smile and be polite, but be wary of strangers as any one can be dangerous use of your judgement.

I. Transportation ( Uber, Taxi etc.)

There are many forms of transportation in Thailand, such as buses, mini buses, taxis, and of course tuk-tuks. When catching a taxi in Thailand, it is customary to hold your hand out horizontally with your fingers down. It is considered rude to snap, whistle or wave with your fingers pointing upwards. You would whistle or snap your fingers to grab attention of animals but never to grab attention of someone in Thailand.

II. Accommodation

As for accommodation, there are various choices in Thailand, from low-cost hostels to extravagant five-star hotels. Obviously the ones in between depends largely on your budget and what type of experience you are looking for when traveling in Thailand.


III. Food

Thai food is different, and amazing in so many different ways, from things you wouldn’t ever find in your hometown, to fresh fruits and vegetables, and to spiced up fish and meats dishes that makes you brain explode. Thailand is known for its distinctively tasty food for reasonable price.  In fact, one of the motivations of foreigners to travel to Thailand is to experience its culinary culture.

IV. Safety

To safely travel in Thailand, be sure to do your due-diligence before traveling; know what is illegal, or frown upon, in order to stay out of trouble. Smile often, do not disrespect the king of Thailand, do not touch people with your feet, do not hug monks, and do not try taking a statue of Buddha out of Thailand. (These are only some of the things that are illegal / inappropriate behavior, and there are more that you should watch out.)

V. Climate

Climate in Thailand varies from the season to season, as well as areas of Thailand you are traveling to.  If you visit during ‘winter,’ expect it to be rain season in Thailand, whereas if you visit during summer, expect it to be extremely hot. If you wear a pair of jeans and go outside during summer, you will melt. However, do not wear clothes that are too revealing; always wear something that covers your knees. Also, always carry a lot of mosquito repellent.

Check the climate of the places that you visit before you travel.  >>> CHECK WEATHER <<<

VI. Power Plug & Voltage

Power Plug: 1) Type A
2) Type B
3) Type C
4) Type F
5) Type O
Voltage: 220V, 50Hz
Get universal socket
Get step-down converter

VII. Language
The local language in Thailand is Thai. Being a tourist country, many local people can speak English. Always do your research, maybe learn a few key Thai phrases and etiquette so you will have a more pleasant stay in Thailand.


VIII. Currency

The currency in Thailand is known as Thai Baht. 1 thai baht is 0.032 USD at current exchange rate.

Quick currency conversion:
USD 1 = THB 33 (varies from 30-36)


IX. Visa Requirement Check

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