[TRV Compass] Jamaica

— Updated on Mar 31, 2018

0. General tips to travel the country

Always avoid flashing expensive items, ( such as Cameras, or Ipads, ) be sure to avoid wearing expensive jewelry on road trips or excursions, Read up on the local laws and practices before you travel to Jamaica, And give your family, friends a list of where you are staying, What you are doing, and when and how to get a hold of you.


I. Transportation ( Uber, Taxi etc.)

Buses are the most economic form of transportation in Jamaica, There are taxis but you will be paying quite a bit. Bus fares range from $20 Jamaican dollars to $300 Jamaican Dollars ( $0.18 to $2.75 usd) your best bet is to pay cash once you board the bus.  JUTA operates close to 50 bus routes that offer access to most regions of the island.


II. Accommodation

While most of the accommodations in Jamaica are hotels or resorts, but there are varieties to suite any traveler from all inclusive accommodations to villas, to camping and Eco tourism.


III. Food

Jamaican food is known for its flavors. Be sure to try the local dishes and things you wouldn’t usually try in your normal life, like curried goat, and Jamaican patties. Try street food, from food cart on road side. Anthony Bourdain would tell you to take in all the culture and the flavors and try everything on the menu.


IV. Safety

Take the usual precautions when traveling. Keep your money as close to your body as possible. Walking at night is not advisable but if it is necessary, choose streets that has light. Never carry anything you do not wish to lose. Do not be flashy to show your wealth – stay low key, so that you will have lower risk of becoming the target. Also, watch out about what you talk outside – do not brag about what you have at home. Do not go out with strangers. Be cautious about people you don’t know, and do not tell them where you are staying. Never get too drunk, unless you are in a safe place to do so. Just as anywhere else, use your common sense.


V. Climate

You will find two types of climates in Jamaica; an upland tropical climate on the windward side of the mountains, and; semiarid climate predominates in the leewards side. Warm trade winds bring rainfall throughout the year. Be sure to check the weather and take into account what time of the year you are visiting, as well.

You should check the climate of the places that you visit before you travel.  >>> CHECK WEATHER <<<


VI. Power Plug & Voltage

You can bring your electrical appliances to Jamaica, if the standard voltage in your country is in between 110 – 127 V (just as is in the US, Canada and most South American countries).

Power Plug: 1) Type A
2) Type B
Voltage: 110V, 50HZ
Get universal socket
Get step-down converter


VII. Language

While English is the official language of Jamaica, majority of Jamaicans speak a form of English Creole, which is a mixture of English and West African Languages.


VIII. Currency

The National currency: Jamaican dollar (JMD)

Quick currency conversion:
USD 1 = JMD 125


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