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— Updated on July 10, 2018

0. General tips to travel the country
Argentina is a beautiful and a diverse place, with population of 44 million people.  There are unlimited things to see and do. This article will help you plan your upcoming trip to this beautiful country.


I. Transportation ( Uber, Taxi etc.)

Transportation in Argentina is diverse.  Buenos Aires is the only city with subway system, known as the Subte.  Subte would the most convenient and economic way to travel through the city. If you are not the biggest fan of subway, or just in need of a different kind of transportation, taxis and buses are conveniently available.  Taxis have digital meter, and they are not as expensive as Europe or the US.  You can even rent a taxi for the whole day, and it can still be affordable.  If you are a hitchhiker, try a sign that says you are from Canada, or wherever you are from.  Argentineans are fascinated to see foreigners so saying you are from overseas might improve your chance of getting a ride.  Another way to travel around Argentina is to hop on a rented bike.  There is nothing like having freedom to explore a country on bike

II. Accommodation

Accommodation in Argentina is much like most other places you visit in the world.  In addition to hotels and hostels, there are camping sites for those looking for a greener and more outdoor experience. Couchsurfing and Airbnb are your options, too.  Recently, new tax free-accommodation in Argentina are attracting more foreign visitors.


III. Food

Food in Argentina is diverse.  There are fast food restaurants but why not try street burger shops, if your stomach is not sensitive.  You can treat yourself to a nice steak at low cost too.  You can have fancy meal for only USD 30 (500 Ars). If you like to drink, wine would be your best bet.  You can have wine for only USD 3 (40 Ars).  You can have yourself a nice bottle of wine and save that money for some fancier food or souvenirs.

IV. Safety

Safety in Argentina is probably about the same as most of the countries you have visited.  Use your common sense, and be aware of your surroundings, always carry changes, learn the geography, do not invite strangers to your hotel room, do not get too drunk in public, take taxis at night, beware of dogs, and always tell your family/friends where you are / will be staying and how long you will be there for.   It is always good to take precautions when you travel overseas.

V. Climate

Argentina has moderate climate with hot and humid summer, and cool and dry winter. The only thing that most of you may feel strange is that January and February are the hot summer season in Argentine.  (In their summer, temperature reaches over 100F!) Be sure to check the climate before you visit Argentine, and take appropriate outfit for the season.

Check the climate of the places that you visit before you travel.  >>> CHECK WEATHER <<<

VI. Power Plug & Voltage

Voltage in Argentina is the standard 220v, 50Hz.
You may need to look into step-down converter.

Power Plug: 1) Type I (most plugs)

2) Type C

Voltage: 220V, 50Hz

VII. Language

The primary language in Argentine is Spanish.  Many people in Argentine speak English but it will not hurt you learning a few key words and phrases in Spanish.


VIII. Currency

Currency is in Argentine is Argentine Pesos (ARS).

Quick currency conversion:
USD 1 = ARS 30

*Value of ARS against USD has been falling.  Be sure to check the latest currencies at all time.


IX. Visa Requirement Check

—– Business —– —– Tourist —–

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