[Alert] Coronavirus

Alert - Coronavirus

What is coronavirus? • Coronaviruses are viruses that are widespread in nature. • Because the surface of the virus is raised like a crown, it is called a coronavirus. • The coronavirus that we are talking about now is a new coronavirus that had never been found in humans body before. How serious is it? […]

[Special Offers]

Special Offers

Special Offers Below are list of special offers promotional codes. Take advantage of the special offers for your vacation / trip.   Check out NEW Special Offers Below: Hotels.com   Detail: 8% off for all hotels Promo code: WINTERSAVINGS Limited Time Only!!! from 16/12/2019 until 31/12/2019.  Travel dates: 16/12/2019 – 30/04/2020. Skyroam     Detail: 10% […]

Travel and Motion Sickness Remedies

Travel and motion sickness is the bane of any vacation. It makes traveling to and from your destination an unpleasant, nausea-inducing experience – and it may also restrict the things you can do while on holiday. Below are a few tips for saving yourself from travel or motion induced sickness: Holger Link [Ginger] The root […]

Flight Hacks

I have been traveling by air quite a lot. In this post, let me share some flight hacks. >>> Directory of Useful Links (flight status, airport facilities, and more) DO’s Sign-up for mile program even if you are not a frequent traveler. Be sure to leave for the airport early. There can be unexpected traffic. […]

Packing List

Packing for traveling is part of the exciting process. I imagine all kinds of adventures that maybe waiting for me while I pack. I usually end up with suitcase full of things, and I start realizing all my imagination is unrealistic, and pull unnecessary things out from the suitcase.Anyways, below are lists of things that […]