Travel and Motion Sickness Remedies

Travel and motion sickness is the bane of any vacation. It makes traveling to and from your destination an unpleasant, nausea-inducing experience – and it may also restrict the things you can do while on holiday. Below are a few tips for saving yourself from travel or motion induced sickness: Holger Link [Ginger] The root […]

[TRV Compass] Traveling to Japan

[TRV Compass] Traveling to Japan — Updated on July 26, 2019 0. General Japan is a country with several islands, located in east of China.  It has very unique country with both modern technologies and old traditions mixed together.  The country is mostly clean and quiet.  If you get a chance, it is a must […]

Flight Hacks

I have been traveling by air quite a lot. In this post, let me share some flight hacks. >>> Directory of Useful Links (flight status, airport facilities, and more) DO’s Sign-up for mile program even if you are not a frequent traveler. Be sure to leave for the airport early. There can be unexpected traffic. […]

Packing List

Packing for traveling is part of the exciting process. I imagine all kinds of adventures that maybe waiting for me while I pack. I usually end up with suitcase full of things, and I start realizing all my imagination is unrealistic, and pull unnecessary things out from the suitcase.Anyways, below are lists of things that […]

[Video] Landing Narita, Japan

Video Clips from Traveler’s Compass fans… Travel Directory | Flight | Hotel | Japan | more… “I had a great deal at Traveler’s Compass visiting Japan. I’m ready to stretch my legs after a long flight. Landing is so exciting but at the same time, I am so eager to get out of the plane […]