Travel and motion sickness is the bane of any vacation. It makes traveling to and from your destination an unpleasant, nausea-inducing experience – and it may also restrict the things you can do while on holiday. Below are a few tips for saving yourself from travel or motion induced sickness:

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The root ginger has recognized nausea reducing properties, and is most frequently suggested for pregnant women suffering from morning sickness. However, its impressive effect on nausea means it translates well to those suffering with travel or motion sickness.

The best way of ingesting ginger is in the form of herbal tablets. Watch out for fake products, though.
If you would prefer more natural method, here’s suggested recipe for ginger water (aka ginger tea):

1. Ginger root — 1/2 spoon
2. Hot water — 4 cups
3. Honey and lemon
— as you like
1. Grate ginger. (you can chop it or smash it, if you do not have a tool…)
2. Cook grated ginger in boiling water for 10-15 min.
3. Remove ginger, add honey and/or lemon, as you like.Bon apetite!!!

***Like all herbal products, ginger does not work for everyone, but it is a possible non-medicinal method of at least easing travel sickness.


Motion Sickness Wrist BandUsually, these are woven cotton bands which you place on your wrist and wear for the entirety of your traveling. While they are most commonly associated with sea sickness, users have reported they work on other forms of motion sickness (in the car, for example) also.


Motion Sickness PatchPatch is also a simple, and effective solution for motion sickness.  place the patch right behind your ear.  Be sure that the area you place the patch is dry, clean, and the skin is not sore or broken. Be sure to read direction of the manufacturer carefully.


The most powerful, though unnatural, solution is tablets of medicine.  You can find them in most pharmacies.  You can even find them in some of convenience stores on high ways.  Take tablets one hour before traveling for maximum effect.

Other Travel and Motion Sickness Remedies

If you suffer severely from motion sickness, you may have to see a doctor.

Let us know if you have other remedies that you can recommend in below comment section.

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