I have been traveling by air quite a lot. In this post, let me share some flight hacks.

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  • Sign-up for mile program even if you are not a frequent traveler.
  • Be sure to leave for the airport early. There can be unexpected traffic.
  • Double check your flight date and time. Do you know what it means by 12.00am? (I still get confused…)
  • When going through security check, empty your pockets beforehand by putting all things in your carry-on bag or jacket pocket that you take off.
  • Be sure to download on-flight entertainment app on your phone before you board the aircraft, if the airline offers any.
  • My personal preference but I would choose window seat if it’s less than 3 hours flight. If it’s over 3 hours, I would choose aisle seat. (It would depend on my bathroom need situation, though…)
  • If it is a flight that is over 3 hours, make sure you force yourself to stand up and walk around, in order to prevent blood clots in vessel.
  • If you know you are most likely get motion sickness, take a pill with you. You maybe able to find it in the airport but it’s safe to prepare it before you leave home.
  • Most of all, enjoy the flight. Don’t you think it is amazing that you get to fly!!!?


  • Unless if you have a large bag as a carry-on luggage, there is no point of rushing to be the first to board the airplane.
  • Don’t hold your physiological needs until the last moment. Go to the restroom before you board, and before “fasten seat belt” sign goes off.
  • Don’t say stupid jokes, like “I have a bomb in my bag.” It may cause a long flight delay, plus you can be charged for makeing such jokes.
  • Don’t be rude to flight attendant or other passengers. If other people are rude to you, wouldn’t you feel unpleasent too?
  • Don’t worry. Instead, enjoy the flight as much as you can. Don’t you think it is amazing that you are flying!!!?
  • Don’t hijack the plane, please!!! (LOL)

I hope these flight hacks help you take the most out of air travel experience.


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